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Analog tape, as wonderful a medium that it is, does not last forever. In the formative years of 28th Day, a lot of what the band created we committed to either cassette or 1/4 inch reel tape. We didn't really think about it. We worked in radio at the time, it was just something that we did. The offshoot of this practice though was that without realizing it, we captured small snapshots of the growth of the band. All of these tapes have been stored away in closets and storage units, they've been moved countless times from one place to another as our lives have gone on. But early in 2012, 30 years after they first met in the dorms at Chico State, two original band members, Pete and Mike had a conversation about how they could share these recordings with old friends who might remember, and to introduce others to that magically creative scene that was Chico in the 1980's.

So tapes were dug up and dusted off, software was downloaded, extra memory drives aquired, and the process of digitally mastering all of the 28th Day live and studio history began!

The Downloads:

We will add to this list as the tape mastering process continues. Check back once in a while to see what's new.

Shows are listed in chronological order.

Misc Ephemera

Lyric Sheet Handout: I'm Only Asking You
Lyric Sheet Handout: Vicious Circle

Who is 28th Day?

28th Day was founded in 1982 by two KCSC radio DJ's, Michael Cloward and Peter Beck. The band's sound grew and matured over the next several years with the influx of several band members, most notably Kate Merriman, Leonard "Bix" Beeman, Allan Dahlquist, Cole Marquis and Barbara "Bobbi" Manning. The band gelled in late 1983 as a four-piece, with Manning on vocals and guitar, Marquis on guitar, Beck on bass and Cloward on drums. This line up would remain until late 1984 when Beck left to join the band Educated Mess, with ex-members of My Three Sons, while the remaining 28th Day members continued on as a three-piece with Manning on bass.

Even though this Chico, CA, based neo-psych band garnered plaudits and acclaim, 28th Day would eventually become more well known for being the first band to call Barbara Manning a member. Manning, who would later find success as a member of the World of Pooh and S.F. Seals, as well as becoming a sort of indie/underground legend, played bass in 28th Day alongside Cole Marquis on vocals and guitar, and Mike Cloward on drums. Although Manning would grow into a force as a songwriter in subsequent projects, the majority of 28th Day's work was written by Marquis. Their debut EP, released on Enigma in 1985, would be the only studio work from the band, which was to split a short time later. That collection would be expanded in 1992, and then again in 2004, to much acclaim on each occasion. Manning would go on to many other projects, including the aforementioned World of Pooh, S.F. Seals, and the Go-Luckys!, Marquis would go on to form the Downsiders, while Cloward would go onto form label/magazine Devil in the Woods.